Ashley "AJ" Mitchell is a Washington D.C. based photographer by way of Durham, NC. She started her love for photography while shooting black and white film in high school. Since then Ashley has transitioned over into the digital world and grown her craft. Ashley has a wide range of skills and currently specializes in event and sports photography with an emphasis on women's sports. 

With women's sports getting less than six percent of media coverage Ashley wants to play her part and ensure those sports are shared. "If I have an opportunity to get the story out there I want to get it out there. Just like with anyone on television there is someone looking at that person as a potential role model and representation matters." Ashley has worked with a few local NCAA teams in the area and continues to work to expand her reach. 
Photographers capture moments in time we will never get back but can hold on to forever. Feel free to reach out and book a session. 

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